4K Fjordlapse Norway

Jonas Forsberg wrote to us to share this beautiful “Fjordlapse” timealpse from Norway.  It’s packed full of wonderful vistas and tones.  After you watch and read what he’s said, be sure to visit his site at www.fjordlapsephotography.com

I moved from “big” city Stockholm to the heart of Norways fjordland and the town of Ålesund over 6 years ago.  It was a clean break. With new opportunities. I ventured into the fjords (Geirangerfjord, Hjörundfjord) pretty much as soon as I moved here. I had never held an DSLR in my hand before and about 1 year after the move I bought my first camera and brought it with me on my camping trips, daytrips, and whenever I was on the move.  I started recording the places I went to, then started to look for a special kind of mood or light, and then try to find some interesting composition. The fjords was still beautiful but now I started to see them with different eyes.

This timelapse real I call 4K Fjordlapse Norway is my love letter to this amazing area that I call home.  Maybe you can find something in here that tickles your skin and keep you pushing for more.

Without a doubt, it tickles the skin and inspires!

Details on the shoot

Photographs were made with Sony a99 and Sony a57 cameras, with mostly wide angle lenses.  Music is from the talented swedish musician Fiktion with the songs ” My old cabin” and ” Vardagspaus”.
Motion is made possible with Pocketslider from http://www.pocketslider.de/  To license these clips and many more contact him (via his site) or go to his libary of timelapses at NIMIA