Cabins & Fjords – A Norway Fjordlapse timelapse in 4K

A  beautiful Fjordlapse timelapse presented in 4K by photographer Jonas Forsberg.  Not only is this a stunning video, but the music composed and performed by Jonas adds to the peaceful mood.  If you watch only one timelapse today, this should be the one.  After you’re done watching, visit Jonas’ site for some stellar images at  And if you have a timelapse to share, jump over to our form and Suggest A Timelapse!

Jonas writes:


I have put together some scenes from my home area in western Norway, where Hjørundfjorden and the mountains of the Sunnmørealps are the main caracters. But maybe most of all the simple and quiet life far away from noice and crowds. I always been a bit obsessed with tiny cabins and huts and if you venture off the beaten track in this area you will come across several cabins that really represents the old, quiet and abit atypical for these times.

They are not trendy. They are not inviting to all. But very much so for some.

Cabins and Fjords. I don´t really need more.

I wrote and recorded the music for this one. It was written in one of these cabins.

If you want to experience the changing seasons and weather of western Norway, a bit away from the tourist path, maybe this could give you some inspiration and point you in the right direction.

— Jonas Forsberg- Fjordlapse Photography