Colors of Europa

During a 4 day trip through the “Picos” photographer Daniel Santos captured this beautiful timelapse.

Daniel writes:

A year ago I captured these images during a 4 day trip through the “Picos”… It was not a planned thing, I just grabbed the opportunities as they came along. The scenes presented here were photographed during car stops along the road, from the hotel window in Cabrales and during a fabulous 17mi (28km) trekking with a camera mounted on a 6in (15cm) articulate tripod.
The panoramic movement was achieved with a Skywatcher telescope head and an Arduino board running a program that I had coded myself. 4 days to capture the scenes and more than a year to edit it little by little and at spaceā€¦ But the movie finally saw the light of day…

Licensed music: “Arise” by Nicholas Major

What I’ve used (nothing fancy here..):
Samsung NX100 + Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC
Canon Powershot G12 + Sigma Wide Circular PL Filter
Skywatcher Merlin + DF Robotic Romeo Arduino board

May 2013/June 2014

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