Fertile Desert part 2 )'( Burning Man 2013 ~ Kickstarter

Timelapse of the Day – May 10, 2013

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The timelapse starts around 2:12 in this video, but it’s really worth watching it from the beginning.

roy2k, the artist who created this beautiful timelapse (he wrote and performed the music too) clearly has an immense amount of passion and creativity, and after you watch you’ll probably want to back his Kickstarter project.  We certainly wanted to – and did!  Leave your comments for Roy in the forums, check out his site, and do consider backing his next project!  And if you’re a manufacturer of timelapse equipment, perhaps you can donate or loan some to Roy?

Here’s Roy:

Hello timelapse community!!

Roy Two Thousand here, asking for your help funding my project to create a truly EPIC timelapse from the playa this year. My last effort, The Fertile Desert, was an Offical Selection of The Nevada City Film Festival, and it won Best Overall at the Chronos Timelapse Film Festival!

The Fertile Desert presented the energetic dance and exploration of consciousness that is Burning Man. More than a story, it is an experience, a trigger to remember, and an impetus to explore. The footage set the stage for more inclusive involvement and interactivity by adopting the style of the subject itself: an open, flowing, stimulating art form. Once again, I am returning to the Playa with an open mind and expanding heart.

To this day I’ve been timelapsing on a minimal budget and I would greatly appreciate your help so that I can step up my game:) I have a lot of ideas in store, and I have music and video downloads and some awesome prints as a reward for your contribution:)

Thank you!!