Flow timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – February 7, 2013

This very ethereal timelapse from Ersin Koç is quite a powerful and moving piece.  There is some very subtle editing that goes on in this piece.  You may not see it, you may not realized it’s there, but it is.  Be sure to check out Ersin’s site for info and photographs at sanatematik.com/flow

Ersin Koç writes:

At the start of this year, I made a short visit to my family in Ankara, Turkey. While having some time with them, I had chances on shooting time lapse footage whenever possible.

It was cold, snowy, windy and cloudy. The clouds were spectacular that I had no chance but to photograph them. I was looking from every window of the house to see if there was any special sky that time and when I saw it I placed my tripod, set up the camera and shoot it.

I also had walks to the close area in search of good photographs. There weren’t so many special views but sky was generally so exciting that I had lots of clouds time lapses.

Being with my notebook, I was not able to edit these footage fast enough so I just copied the frames to a disk and postponed editing until I got back to my home and my powerful desktop computer. In fact, I was thinking that I didn’t have very nice footage but when I edited the frames and saw the final footage, I was surprised with the outcome, I really loved what happens with clouds here. Scenes were simple but clouds made their play and their movements were really enjoyable. And there were enough footage to make a short video.

Only thing that was negative is the sensor dust on my camera. It was hard times for the machine before shooting these and I didn’t have the chance to have it cleaned. And so when I shot with high apertures, sensor dust became “very” visible which makes me very sad. But no big problem, I like the final product with those dust 🙂

All of these were shot on my visit to my family so I decided to dedicate this film to my beloved family!

Shot on several days in 2 weeks.
10-22, 24-105 and 70-200 lenses were used.
Edited in Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere.
Music: “Believe in Yourself” by Olive Musique

Thank you for watching!