GH3 + Twixtor = Fantastic slow motion

Timelapse of the Day – December 9, 2012

Incredible slow motion timelapse.- amazing what you can do with a small camera and some software.  Incredible.

The Film Artist writes:

I’m really impressed by this new combination, captured last Sunday in Southall, handheld, no colour grading or post stabilisation at 1920x1080P at 50fps, 35mm-100mm Panasonic lens, shutter speed 50-100, these were clips taken from to 25fps then slowed down simply in Twixtor with no further work required:)

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    • Ryan

      Believe me friend 2 grand is considered slow budget in slow mo. Real slow mo cameras like the Phantom cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and thousands to rent.

  • Robert

    Here it the states the pricing would be $1300 for the GH3 and $600 for Twixtor (or about €1500).

    You’re right that $1900 isn’t cheap. But compare that cost of owning vs the cost of renting something like a Phantom; a one day rental of a Phantom will cost you about the same amount.

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