London Timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – February 26, 2013

A visually appealing timelapse from London for today’s featured timelapse.  Love the use of tilt-shift and color grading.  And note that some of the shots are slow-motion.  A very enjoyable timelapse by Director Simon Corris of Amulet Films.  This timelapse was created from extra footage shot for a music video they created for David Simon.  You can read more about it on their website.

Most of this was shot in .jpg format on the Canon 7D as the main aim was to capture the river and a day to night sequence of Canary Wharf. On a 16GB compact flash card (14.8GB available space) that translates as just over 4300 individual frames (almost 3 minutes @ 25fps). RAW would have given us 604 individual frames but obviously at a much reduced sequence of around 25 seconds.

RAW is our preferred timelapse format as there is so much more leeway to adjust exposure in post, making for smoother transitions in light. However, as we only had 16GB cards available on the day and wanted to capture as much river action as possible in the time we had, Jpeg it was.