Lost World Mongolia

Denis Frantsouzov wrote to us to share his amazing timelapse shot over 40 days in Mongolia.   Denis writes:

Yesterday I’ve ended my timelapse made this summer in Mongolia – wild and amazing country. We offroaded there for 40 days and made about 100’000 frames, and after 4 months of processing it is ready. Two years ago you’ve posted my timelapse “Waterfalls around Moscow”, I hope this work will also be interested to the visitors of Timelapse.org.

Here’s his description fort he video:

40-days offroad-trip to Mongolia, wild and amazing country in the middle of nowhere. Just me, my wife and our old “Landy” (Land Rover Defender). Thousands of kilometers ahead. No asphalt roads at all. Beautiful Mongolian Altai Mountains, dangerous Gobi Desert and pure Hubsugul lake. Tripod and camera. Billions of stars, bright Milky Way and no other people around you for a hundred kilometers!

Video made with Canon 5DM3 + 16-35mm, Canon 5DM2 + 24mm and Canon 6D + 15mm fish-eye lens. 100’000 still frames in RAW, 1 terabyte of data and four months for making this film.

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