LRTimelapse Day-to-night Workflow

LRTimelapse is one of those essential tools (along with Lightroom) that every timelapse photographer should have in their tool chest.  This is a great tutorial on a situation which a lot of people have trouble with, sunrise/sunset.

Today I’m going to show you some really cool tricks that you might not know. Together we are going to edit a sequence from Baltic Skies (

My main focus is to show you a very good way to master the holy grail of time lapse photography – the transition between day and night.

I explain working with key frames and the auto-transition and we will also have a look at the heavily improved ken-burns-style pan-and-zoom capabilities of LRTimelapse 1.4.

If you already work with LRTimelapse or are planning to use it, you definitely shouldn’t miss this tutorial.

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