Pascal Greuter has written to share a wonderful timelapse with us, full of amazing color and beautiful shots.  It’s one of the most vivid timelapse ever featured on this site.  Pascal writes:

Hi, I’m a Timelapse Photographer and Motion Designer based out of Bern/Switzerland. I usually spend hours and hours in front of my Computer while working as a Freelance Motion Designer. Timelapse is the perfect counterbalance. I just love to go out and shoot the night skies, beautiful landscapes or pulsing cityscapes.

I started with Timelapse Photography in 2010 when I first saw Tom Lowe’s Teaser for his Film “TimeScapes” which completely blew me away. Since then, I try to get better and better and a few years ago, I also invested in some Motion Control Gear from Kessler.

Although I tried it several times, I’m not interested in the Hyperlapse technique because I think it is against my personal philosophy of shooting Timelapse Sequences. I have a huge respect for every Hyperlapse Photographer out there but for me, Timelapse has something to do with enjoying and observing the place where I shoot, relaxing and forgetting the busy everyday life . I can’t do that, when I have to fiddle around with my gear every few seconds 🙂

My newest Timelapse Film “Nature.Urban.Lights” is a journey to some of the most beautiful places around my hometown of Bern/Switzerland. Luckily, Switzerland isn’t that big so I haven’t to drive very far to capture some beautiful scenery. I’m also very lucky, that I life near one of the darkest spots in Switzerland and that’s perfect for capturing stunning night skies.

And here’s the description he included with his timelapse:

From the beauty of the milky way to mighty mountains, charming landscapes, dreamy rivers, spectacular fireworks and pulsing cityscapes – Nature.Urban.Lights takes you on a journey to some of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the Region of Bern/Switzerland.

This compilation shows some of my personal highlights from the past 3 years as a Timelapse Photographer.

All content can be licensed for commercial use. Please contact via Email

Scroll down for a full list of all locations.

Generdyn – In The Spirit (licensed through

– Canon 5D Mark III
– Canon 5D Mark II
– Canon 7D

– Kessler CineDrive Digital Motion Control System
– Kessler Oracle Analog Motion Control System
– Kessler 5′ CineSlider
– Kessler 3′ Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

LOCATIONS (in order of appearance)
– Interlaken
– Oberaarsee (2x)
– Schallenberg
– Italy
– Schallenberg
– Gurnigel
– Gurten
– Belpberg
– Gurnigel (2x)
– Gurzelen
– Gurnigel (2x)
– Grimsel
– Mühlebach (4x)
– Gurten
– Schwarzsee
– Lauenensee
– Merligen (2x)
– Spiez
– Merligen (4x)
– Bern Münster (2x)
– Bern Nydeggbrücke
– Bern Altstadt (2x)
– Zentrum Paul Klee
– Köniz/Liebefeld
– Bern
– Cressier (2x)
– Postfinance Arena
– Bümpliz
– Wankdorf
– Thunersee
– Cressier
– Oberaarsee (2x)
– Gurnigel (2x)
– Chasseral (5x)