Ontraxs International Model Railway Miniature timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – March 14, 2013

Today’s featured timelapse is a perfect use of the tilt-shift effect!  Go to a railway museum that features massive (and beautiful) trains, that’s hosting the Ontraxs International Model Railway event!  You get to shoot big trains in a way that makes them look like model trains, right next to model trains.  Bas Stoffelsen of The Timewriters has a great site you should also check out when you’re done watching!  Bas writes:

Every year the Dutch Railroad Museum (spoorwegmuseum.nl) is home of the international model railway event Ontraxs. A registration of such an event ofcourse has to stay in the tilt-shift concept!

Canon 550d Sigma 10-20 mm captured the making of the event, totalling 10.000 shots in a period of 6 days
Canon 5D 24-70 and 550d 1.4 50 mm used for video

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