Our Quiet Fjords timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – January 2, 2013

Here’s a lovely timelapse from, well someplace that has quiet Fjords!  The photographer is a Swede living in Norway, and goes by the name Fjordlapse.

Fjordlapse writes:

This timelapse was shot during October/November 2012 in and around Ålesund, Norway.
I wanted to capture the landscape and try to show the special moods the mountain and fjords bring out. At least in me.
I like the nights there. It’s quiet. Sometimes cold. Sometimes rough. Always mysterious.

The music used with kind permission is Fiktion, with the song Skinnskatteberg.
Also about moods.. And beautiful. Always mysterious.

There are a few shots with dust/dirt on the lens or sensor which it might be possible to minimize using Lightroom on the original images, but even with those small problems, the timelapse is a nice composition for an early January timelapse.