Sedona Timelapse – Volume One

Timelapse of the Day – January 24, 2013

Cory, who is a photographer, musician and timelapse cinematographer, has created a really wonderful timelapse from Sedona, AZ.  He took a great deal of time and care in creating this work, and composed the soundtrack you hear.  Hit full screen, HD, and turn up the music for this one.

Also note that this timelapse has been selected for the Innovations section of the site because of the way Cory approached creating this piece.  He didn’t just spend a weekend or a few days went shooting it, he went back time and time again to capture a place as it changed over time.  Those timelapse which are selected as Innovations become eligible for the  Timelapse of the Year award at the end of the year in which they are first published.

Cory Bruening writes:

A few seasons ago, I began a journey of taking time lapse footage in my area of Sedona, Arizona USA.  What you see is a small part of the results of the explorations that with luck and persistence yielded many surprises of successes and failures. It had been my intention to capture Sedona in all of its places of magic and majesty but I know this could take many years or perhaps a lifetime. There is plenty left to share and explore so I begin by calling this Volume One. I hope you enjoy it.

I composed, played and recorded the music score especially for this. Thank you for watching and I’m honored that you have spent the time.

If you are interested in licensing footage feel free to contact me.