Timelapse of the Day (and WEEK!) – July 31, 2012

Skylights is a timelapse video made up of nearly 6,000 photos taken over the last few months in New Mexico, USA.  Knate writes:

Making this video was probably one of the most fun and most rewarding projects I’ve ever done. I greatly enjoyed traveling to remote parts of the state and it was an absolute thrill staying up all night shooting the stars.  Many shots were taken at the VLA in New Mexico.

Knate used: Nikon D300s, D7000 and D5100, Tokina 11-16mm and Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye.  The eclipsed sunset shot was captured with a Sigma 500mm.  And he used the Stage Zero Dolly from Dynamic Perception for the motion controlled shots.

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This timelapse was selected as the Timelapse of the Week for the week beginning July 31, 2012.