Snow Canyon: The Incredible

Timelapse of the Day – May 22, 2013

Jeremiah Barber is a photographer who has captured the amazing beauty of Snow Canyon State Park, just outside of St. George, UT.  It’s about 40 minutes from Zion National Park which gets all the attention.  If you’re in that area of the country, stop by this natural beauty and enjoy some quiet hiking without all the crowds.  By the way, Jeremiah shared this with us in the forums, which is a great place for you to leave your comments.

Jeremiah writes:

Snow Canyon State Park is located just 2 hours Northeast of Las Vegas, NV. The park is closest to St George and Ivins, UT. The park is a unique mix of red and white sandstone and lava rock.

This work is the result of nearly 4 months of intermittent time lapse shoots in the park. During the time I spent shooting there, I have developed quite an appreciation for the amazing geological features that the park is comprised of. The unique landscape is simply awesome and inspiring. In my heart it is impossible to avoid acknowledging God’s hand in the creation of such a beautiful masterpiece.

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