Stratus timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – November 30, 2012

Todays great timelapse comes from Silvio Marchetto and Hans Denis in Brazil.  They’ve got some really wonderful shots of low rolling clouds (hence the name) that you won’t want to miss!

Hans Denis writes (google translation):

Produced by Fotografologia – Time-Lapse and Motion Control
Camera: Silvio Marchetto and Hans Denis
Edition: Hans Denis
Photography Assistant: Karem Kilim
Images captured in Florianópolis / SC
Additional images: Slabs / SC, Paraguaçu Paulista (SP), São Gabriel da Cachoeira / AM
Equipment used: 2 Canon 7D, Canon 40D and Canon 30D. Lenses Canon 10-22, Canon 15mm Fisheye, Canon 70-210 and Sigma 150-500 + 1.4X converter. Alienbees Slider Generator and motor DMS


Text by Hans Denis

“Stratus” clouds are very low, which sometimes formed near the surface as fogs. As one of the peculiarities of the coastal environment, the fog was a key element of this video, as well as the moon, the tides and mangroves, which are indispensable to this complex ecosystem.

Since 2011, I and my partner Silvio Marchetto decided to expand the possibilities of our technique through the creation Photographic Time-Lapse. In this, the dimension of time is altered by passing a rapid sequence of photographs, revealing phenomena that go unnoticed under the common perception of time. Known for a long time by the photographers, the technique can be considered the opposite of high speed photography, used to record short-term phenomena. The Time-Lapse is usually related to major international productions such as National Geographic or the BBC, through images like buildings being built in seconds, a flower blooming or a seed germinating and becoming plant in a single scene. With the emergence of digital technologies and the technical development of photography, it became possible to capture long sequences with a relatively low cost, which triggered popularization in a Time-Lapse Video of the world. Increasingly elaborate productions arise example of the work of Tom Lowe: Timescapes, a magnificent work of photo-astronomy and landscapes recorded in a unique and spectacular.

In our third study, our focus was to capture rare phenomena and sometimes difficult to record. A production that summarizes in a few minutes of work hours, and even days of observation of natural phenomena and urban movements. In a perspective somewhat privileged towards our vision of how the everyday world around us changes subtly, as we sometimes distracted, without realizing the extraordinary moment that surrounds us. As a result of nearly a year of records, we expect these four minutes of pleasant images allow an appreciation of this unique perspective on our environment, and if possible, that assessment accompanies an awareness of how we interact with nature.