Time Lapse 2012: Dynamism

Timelapse of the Day – January 5, 2013

Chris Giordano posted a great looking timelapse a few hours ago and we wanted to share it with everyone today.  Really nice work!  Chris writes:

Time Lapse 2012 is finally here! Dynamism is the next “installment,” if you will, in my sequence of time lapsing as I grow and expand upon the previous year. I didn’t get to branch out to as many locations as I wanted to for this year, however, I had so much fun creating these time lapses throughout 2012. The sights, sounds, colors, & experiences were better than ever: sunlight, moonlight, stars, rain, storms, and everything in between contributed to this year’s video. I do hope you enjoy the experience of Dynamism and that it inspires you to get outside and absorb some Nature!


“Outlands” by Daft Punk
TRON Soundtrack

Shot on Canon 7D & Canon 5D
using Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly