Timelapse in Europe (with iPhone)

Meh wrote in to share her short timelapse created on an iPhone 6.  Pretty impressive work!  Meh writes:

Me and my husband (he does photography as hobby) were watching some videos while planning our Europe trip and i saw some timelapse videos, got fascinated by them and decided i will give it a try with my iPhone.I didn’t know anything about photography then my husband started teaching me some technical stuff and helped me in purchasing Filmic Pro app. I used to get bored when he takes picture but on this trip i had my own thing to do.

I collected footage with iPhone 6 using filmic Pro at sunset and sunrise in Rome(Ponte Umberto, Pincio), Florence(Piazza michelangelo), Venice(Ponte dell’accademia), Vienna(Staatsoper), Hallstatt, Switzerland(Murren) and Paris(Effile Tower).

One thing i learned, photography/videography makes you see completely new world. You see each and small detail of this wonderful world and your mind blows away.