Timelapse Taiwan

Timelapse of the Day – January 3, 2013

Here’s a timelapse from Taiwan.  It’s a few months old but it’s interesting to see the intense colors that the photographer captured using HDR photography.  There’s a bit of real time video mixed in near the end.   I can’t read Chinese, and the Google translation that accompanies the video seems a bit strange, but with the music choice and the Taiwan flag that’s used as a watermark, it’s pretty clear the photographer is proud of his country.  I just wish I knew what he meant by (google translation):

“this Olympic “money” can not be like the Third Prince took the flag to The on-site refueling, the “capital” can not fight for the flag.

A friend writes in with this translation:

“I had no money to accompany ‘san-tai-zi’ with a flag to the Olympics to cheer for Taiwan.  I can only cheer for Taiwan using my own method.  The arrangement of the photos along with the music brings with it my observation of Taiwan and hopes for its future.  I don’t know if other people will have the same sense of its story.”
FYI, “san-tai-zi” is apparently a historical person who is now worshipped at some temples.  Previously, a person wearing a “san-tai-zi” mask appeared at the Olympics waving a Taiwanese flag.