Timelapse of the Day – December 13, 2012

Greg Kiss created a beautiful trailer for what surely must be an incredible 20 minute timelapse.  Although doesn’t advertise, we also don’t avoid featuring timelapse videos that happen to be for sale.  If we like the work and think you’ll like it, we feature it.  Simple as that!

Greg writes:

If you like the trailer you might want to buy the 20mins short film here:

You can buy the album with the beautiful music of Phil here:

I am proud to present the trailer of my self-financed film & photo-book project „The Tropic of Capricorn – A Time-Lapse Journey“. For eight month, I have extensively traveled 10 countries located at or near the Tropic of Capricorn (at 23°26’16” South) to photograph some of the most beautiful landscapes of our planet: from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar, across Australia to Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

I covered a distance of more than 24,800 miles in a rented 4×4, spent more than 100 nights outdoors in a tent and took photos underwater, as well as at altitudes of 16,000 ft, and at temperatures between -13°F and +113°F. The result is the world’s first iBook combining award-winning photographs and a time-lapse film. The Scottish composer Philip Curran wrote the music to my pictures – vocals by Anna Wedderburn and Viara Ivanova, violin by Ian Peaston.

Here is one of those behind the scene travel stories from the iBook: “In 1861/62, John Thomas Baines, an English artist and explorer, painted a group of seven monkey-bread trees in the area of today’s Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana. These trees, known as Baines’ Baobabs, are still there. Although 150 years have passed, the group of trees still amazingly resembles its painted counterpart. Other painters, including Prince Charles, have also immortalized these baobabs. To take a photograph like those in scenes 2 & 3 in the early morning you have to spend the night directly in Kudiakam Pan, which is usually dry” and very, very lonely!

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