Absorb timelapse

Timelapse of the Day – March 7, 2013

A very unusual and completely fascinating timelapse created by Peter Waiting of Towering Pictures.  Peter searched for a unique subject to create a timelapse around, and used some innovative techniques in crafting his timelapse.  Be sure to share your comments with Peter in the forums, and check out his page on Facebook.  Peter writes:

Discover the close up landscape of absorption. Observe the magical view point up close and personal to something perhaps ignored in everyday life. A view that uses my own handheld camera movements combined with timelapse footage of pills and tablets taking on red food dye. All the photography was taken with macro extension tubes and a 50mm prime on a crop sensor.

I took a look at what was out there in the world of timelapse and found landscapes, lots of them.
For me landscapes will always be a staple diet of the timelapses world, but I wanted to discover a new landscape. So I made my own with what I had lying around the house. I think the final results are really very interesting, discovering what can be observed from a macro viewpoint. The handheld movement gives it the feeling of happening in realtime, even though these shots were taken over time frames of 1 to 180 minutes.

The final results have pushed me further with the idea and I will be creating more of this style in the very near future.

A film by Towering Pictures

Filmed, edited and conceived by Peter Waiting
Title design by Oloo

Music: Wax by OG – Source: Jamendo.com
Check him out here! ogmusik.com/OG01/
He really is a gem on Jamendo 🙂

©Towering Pictures 2013