ALSACE timelapse by IGH

Timelapse of the Day – November 18, 2012

Here’s a wonderful timelapse shot around the Alsace region in France, by three French Artists who collaborated together on the project.

Julien Guntz writes:

The “Alsace timelapse” project is the fruit of the collaboration of three French artists from Strasbourg, and the fusion of their photographic, editing and musical talents. The collective, baptized IGH, presents a short film entirely produced through the time-lapse photography technique. Combining thousands of photographs captured over a period of two years across the Alsace region by the photographer Jean Isenmann, and edited by Julien Guntz against a musical background by Marco Havnin, this film attempts to encapsulate the magnificence of the Alsace region in all its aspects.

Photography: Jean Isenmann
Editing: Julien Guntz
Music: Marco Havnin

Check out their website at