Dragonframe Software

Dragonframe is one of those tools that has the potential to change the way we shoot timelapse.  Although designed primarily with stop-motion animators in mind, it is undeniable that this would be a powerful tool in a timelapse photographer’s hands.  When used when used with a multi-axis MoCo rig, the software can create incredibly dynamic timelapse that goes beyond the linear and constant progression of time.

Here’s a video that introduces the software.  Be sure to check out the Dragonframe thread in the forums for more, including a test by Mike where the subject (a flower) is moving in addition to the camera.

Then check out this video by Displacement1 (also a member of the forums) that shows the kind of work you can achieve shooting timelapse with Dragonframe.

Finally, you can try a 30 day free trial of the software.

Be sure to stop by the forums to share your own work and thoughts on this an other timelapse topics.