Meta | 3.1/km2 trailer

Timelapse of the Day – September 5, 2012

That’s the first of two (count them – two!) video trailers in this post, for a film that Sandro Bocci is working on called Meta.  Sandro writes:

This is the trailer of the film Meta, shot in Iceland during the months of June and July 2012 by Sandro Bocci. The film is made in solitude and mounted in symbiosis with original music and sound recordings in the field, trying to directly express the emotions experienced in direct contact with the emblem of the incontrovertible domain of nature over man and the suggestion of a “new” solar cycle that dissolves the illusion of a civilized life with a trip without rational purpose. The film is also a tribute to fractals everywhere in nature and the invisible link that exists between images, sounds and soul of the space. A trip and experience timeless, lived in resonance with the grace of nature through the lost streets and quantum landscapes. Impossible to define without compromising the final form of the work was born the title “Meta” in the sense of “beyond” if only to prove the failure of the attempt to frame the purity and integrity of this type of experience at a term or in a format digestible by the meat grinder of the market.

Iceland is ambiguous, primitive and evolved. In its short history has remained on the margins of the industrial age that swallows the models civilians, shows us the origins and the infinite possibilities of the future, the failures and the wonders of nature.
The film will be completed by 2012.

Here’s the first trailer: