Outer Banks Night Motion Timelapse

timelapse.org is a new site, so it doesn’t have a lot of great older timelapse videos that people have previously posted.  So when someone sends me a timelapse to post using the Suggest a Timelapse menu item above, we take a look and see if its something we should include.

Daniel has suggested one of his older videos and… WOW!  It’s a beautiful example of the kind of astro-timelapse I love.  It’s doesn’t have the extreme over saturation of colors so many astro-timelapse videos have these days.  It’s natural and real.

By the way, my favorite shot has to be at 2:18.  Stunning.

Here are a few details provided by Daniel:

Mostly Milky Way timelapse, motion control with Dynamic Perception, MX2, Stage Zero dolly, and Orion telescope mounts (controlled by the MX2).   The lighthouse is Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest in North America.

Daniel also has an article up on his website on how he made the video.  Check it out!

Category: Nature, Night sky