Timelapse Journey (Highlights Vol. 1)

Timelapse of the Day – April 15, 2013

Here’s a great collection of timelapse highlights from Stefan O’Dougherty that were shot over the past year.  The timelapse is a bit more raw in that it isn’t a highly stylized or edited piece, but the shots are fantastic so we thought we would share it with everyone.  Stefan writes:

I would love to spend more timelapsing, but between an intense year of work and starting gradute school, free time has been elusive to find. I’ve assembled a collection of shoots I’ve managed to capture over the past year into this little highlight reel.

Hopefully summer will bring some more free time to do a strictly desert timelapse. Comments and suggestions always welcome!

Shot with: Canon 7D, Tokina 11-16 mm, Canon 28-135 mm, Canon 18-55 mm

Locations: Picacho Peak, Kitt Peak National Observatory, VERITAS Gamma Ray Observatory, Sutro Baths, Lake Pleasant, Fort Myers Beach, Washington DC, UF Rosemary Hill Observatory

Music: “Night Hunter” by Epic Soul Factory

As a side note, got back from NAB 2013 in Las Vegas last night and found a massive amount of email which are being replied to one by one.  Met a lot of great people and will be posting a highlights video in the near future.