Bieszczady Mountains

Timelapse of the Day – February 28, 2013

We thought it would be nice from time to time to take a look at some great timelapse we shared a while back, which a lot of our newer visitors might have missed.    Here’s a great one we first featured on July 30, 2012.  Note that Marcin also composes and performes the music for his timelapse videos.  Marcin writes:

With my brother Krystian we were waiting for this moment for months.  In June we finally had time to go together to Bieszczady Mountains.  It was amazing experience. Beautiful weather gave us the opportunity to try night photography which you can see here as time-lapse sequences. Unfortunately we had only 38 hours so there was no time to waste on sleeping and not many locations we could photograph. We hope you enjoy it and by all means feel invited to Bieszczady Mountains, Poland.

Photos by: Marcin & Krystian Klysewicz
Expedition guide: Krystian Klysewicz
Manual camera dolly operator: Marcin Klysewicz
FlyCam Pilot: Krystian Klysewicz
Photo and video editing: Marcin Klysewicz
Music: Marcin Klysewicz