Movements in Red

Timelapse of the Day – February 6, 2013

The other week I saw a B&W timelapse in the forums and wondered aloud about what an Infrared (IR) timelapse would look like.  Photographer Andrew Shurtleff answers that with an amazing example of a completely different look for timelapse.  Beautiful stuff.  After you watch, be sure to check out his site for some amazing stills at  And leave your comments in the forum!

Also note that this timelapse has been selected for the Innovations section of the site.  Timelapse selected as Innovations are eligible for the Timelapse of the Year award at the end of the year in which they are first published.

Andrew Shurtleff writes:

A moving infrared timelapse movie.

This is a personal project culminated from years of shooting IR stills and never really being satisfied with the results. Shot primarily in Albemarle County, Virginia, the movie was captured using a Canon 5D mark II converted with a 720nm IR filter over the sensor. The sensor filter allows normal camera operation but shoots only IR images. I used a rail from Dynamic Perception to create the moving images and processed everything in Adode Premiere/After Effects.